December 01 2019

Monsoon Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Monsoon rains are always a welcoming sight. However, if you are living in a metro city you might not be overly fond of what follows — flooding on roads, traffic jams and a whole lot of other rainy season issues. The problems only multiply if you own a vehicle, as the increased humidity and wet weather are bad for your car.

In this post, we are sharing some monsoon vehicle maintenance tips to ensure that your car doesn’t run in major issues or suffer damage from the change in weather.

  1. Keeping away mud and rust: Your car is exposed to a lot of wet mud during the rainy season. While the mud eventually crusts and falls off, it may have already caused permanent rust damage to your car’s paint and body. The most effective way to counter rust is the most simplest one as well — plain old wiping. Wipe or wash your car as often as you can during the monsoon season to protect it from rust damage.
  2. Don’t use car covers: While you may think that a car cover is going to keep dust and water away when it is parked outside, there is a far more serious consequence that you might have overlooked. The extra moisture in the air during monsoon makes car covers stick to the car’s surface. When the sun comes up and the moisture dries, the cover may heat up and stick to the paintjob, causing permanent damage.
  3. Cleaning leaves and twigs: During windy weather a lot of leaves and twigs accumulate on your car, especially if you have parked your vehicle under a tree. These leaves and twigs are often moist and can cause rusting under the boot lid and bonnet, so make sure you clear them out regularly.
  4. Underbody spray: By using an underbody protection spray, you can keep the car’s bottoms free from rust damage. Spraying the underbody with a mixture of diesel and used engine oil will do the trick. However, we recommend getting it done from a professional because the process involves spraying near the engine and exhaust, and the aforementioned mixture is quite flammable.
  5. Keep the interiors dry: To avoid bacterial growths and pungent smells inside the car during monsoon months, ensure that your car’s interior is clean and dry. Also, don’t leave junk food packaging and half-eaten sandwiches inside the car as they spoil easily and can leave your car smelling like a bin.
  6. Get your AC serviced: Monsoon means the air conditioning unit will be working overtime to keep things cool and dry. Moreover, a lot of grime and moisture will be filtered by your car’s air filter, reducing its life. So make sure you get the car’s AC checked up before the rainy season sets in.
  7. Avoid watery patches: Don’t we all love to zoom through watery patches during rains? But most of those times the rain water on the road seeps into your car’s mechanics, causing rust and electrical damage. Also, sometimes those watery patches may be hiding a huge pothole and can damage your vehicle’s tyres and suspension. So, avoid watery patches on the road and drive slow when taking your car out for a spin during monsoons.

So that’s all for this post. We hope that these tips will keep your vehicle revving happily during the monsoon season. Let us know of your thoughts on this post in the comments section below.

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