December 01 2019

6 Ways to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy

Having a vehicle is not only a privilege but also a necessity in today’s world. The perpetual fall and rise of the fuel price can lead to increase in daily expenses. If your monthly budget is in disarray, getting a vehicle with better fuel economy may be your only chance of saving money on fuel costs in the long run. Although you cannot always depend on the vehicle for better mileage. Irrespective of the vehicle type, you can improve fuel economy by following these simple measures & save XTRA money.

  1. Optimising your car’s performance: Properly inflated tyres can increase fuel savings by up to 3%, so keep a regular check on tyre pressure. Clean the car’s air filter to ensure that the car’s engine is not stalling when idle. Timely replacement of the fuel filter and engine oil is another way to keep the car fuel efficient. Lastly, avoid getting third party mods such as heavier rims and tyres, body kits, spoilers etc. as these things increase the weight of the vehicle and reduce fuel efficiency.
  1. Fuel saving tips: Fill up your tank halfway every time you visit the fuel station, it is an efficient technique to keep your vehicle’s body weight low. Adding synthetic oil additives as per your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions can increase the mileage by up to 15%, so check that up in the instructions manual of your car. Buy high quality fuel, its price may be higher by a few rupees but it also gives you better average, thus saving money overall. Avoid using air conditioning in stop and go traffic as much as possible (although don’t try this trick in peak summers).
  1. Driving efficiently: First of all, if your car has cruise control, use it as often as you can to maintain a constant speed. Secondly, always try to keep the car within the ideal 70-80 kmph speed limit as over speeding can reduce fuel economy by up to 33%.Majorly these are few things that should be considered while driving.
  •  Avoiding heavy traffic by not driving on peak hours
  • Keeping the vehicle well maintained.
  • Driving smoothly keeping all the fuel saving techniques in mind.
  • To maintain a steady speed
  • Avoiding rough drive & be safe
  1. Planning longer trips: Get all the things you’ll need before starting the trip to avoid unnecessary, frequent stoppages on the way. Also remember, that the shortest route is not always the best one. Have a look at the routes to your destination and choose the one which will ensure a smooth drive at a constant speed.
  1. Avoid prolonged idling:Vehicle idling for more than a minute can cause wastage of fuel.It is assumed that long idling can burn 10% of the fuel. The burning of fuel depends on the life of the
    vehicle as well. The modern technology works on improving the fuel efficiency with increasing life span of
    vehicle. Although a quick warm up to your vehicle in not a bad idea especially in winters.
  1. Take advantage of latest schemes, program & offers:There are a few program which could help you in earning attractive rewards by filling fuel for your vehicle. The best schemes & offers are given by IndianOil XTRAREWARDS. It provides many profitable offers which could lead to lot of savings. You could earn reward points for every fuel purchase. These reward points can be redeemed to buy fuel, get attractive gifts, alliance partners, etc. Get started with XTRAREWARDS, it is the best fuel card to increase your savings.

These were some very useful measures& techniques to save more and spend less on fuel. Witness the change           in the monthly income after following the above mentioned tips.


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